A Day at Urban Air

Remember, our goals are to attract kids, build relationships, and lead them to Christ. The third goal will always remain the most important.

While visiting my sister, Lisa, in Rochester Hills, Michigan, we took the kids to a nearby indoor theme park called “Urban Air.” Urban Air describes itself as…

…the ultimate indoor adventure park where kids of all ages (and kids at heart) can explore thrilling attractions, challenge their body and mind, and most importantly…have a blast! We are WAY more than just your average trampoline park.

At present, there are 154 Urban Air parks across the United States. They are expanding quickly, and it is obvious why: Kids and youth come and they have lots of fun. The environment is loud and full of energy.

As I studied the various attractions, I attempted to determine which ones would be transferrable to a youth center. Some attractions, such as go-carts and bumper cars, required a lot of space and were certainly very expensive. But others could be done at a smaller scale and be used in a Rock Solid Teen Center. Consider the following:

Virtual Reality

The Urban Air website reads:

Fight robots and dragons, or sling snowballs and collect coins. Try to beat your own high score, fight against your friends, or join up for the greatest team this universe has ever seen. However you play, this high-end simulation is easy to learn, making it suitable for gamers of all ages and experience levels. Perfect for team building, taking out frustrations on virtual robots, or living out the fantasy as a dragon hunter.

Zip Line

Their website reads:

Our zip line-like experience, Sky Rider, offers a whole new perspective as you zip through the air on this high-flying adventure. Feel like a giant, as you zigzag overhead and scout out all the other attractions for your next adventure. Can you see your friends and family? They look like ants from up here!

Ropes Course

In their own words:

Learning the ropes has never been more exciting. Get some extra hang time with our next-level obstacles on the Urban Air ropes course. Weave, climb and race your way around this high-flying obstacle course. Climb and swing through the air like a superhero as you race to finish the course.

Do you dare look down? The stakes are high as you and your friends level up your confidence, balance, and agility in these exhilarating, gravity-defying obstacles. Swing on the ropes, climb the spider-webs, leap over the gaps in the bridge, and balance across the beam. Great for birthday parties or just an afternoon out of the house, this gravity-defying attraction tests bravery, helps to build gross motor skills, and encourages imagination.

Wall Climbing

Urban Air states,

Climbing one of our climbing walls is a great way to build strength, agility, and confidence – all with the safety of a harness. Our climbing walls vary in difficulty from beginner to challenging so you can choose your own level.

Take your time and work on your climbing technique or challenge yourself to beat your personal speed record. Climbing is a fun, safe activity and helps kids build confidence as they take on the wall. Reaching the top (even after a couple of falls) is always rewarding. Climbing also improves balance and coordination as well as full-body strength.

Rock climbing not only challenges your body but also challenges your mind as you plan your route and strategize how to make it to the top. Even if you’ve never tried climbing before, our team will have you harnessed and ready to take on this vertical challenge in no time.

Battle Beam

Their description reads:

Do you think you have good balance? Good enough to knock your friend into the foam pit before you fall? Put your balance to the test, grab a foam bar, and go to battle. We will warn you, most of the time you’ll both end up in the foam pit.

Once you get the hang of Battle Beam, you’ll want to challenge all your friends and your entire family. Will you be the Battle Beam champion, or will you spend most of your time in the foam pit? (Although, taking a fall into the foam pit isn’t really so bad either.)

Whether you seek the adrenaline of competition or you just want to have a good laugh at how hilarious you and your friends look trying to balance with giant foam bars in your hand, Battle Beam is a great activity to enjoy with friends, family or “frenemies.”

I’ve noticed that each Urban Air may have one novel activity, so it’s worth looking around. Our objective is to find fun activities that can also be affordable. These are just some of the possibilities. Over time we will add the necessary equipment to our Rock Solid Store.

Remember, our goals are to attract kids, build relationships, and lead them to Christ. The third goal will always remain the most important.

In service to Christ,

Mark Eastway

Director, Rock Solid Teen Center

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