Church Renovation

Form Follows Function

Church Renovation

There are thousands of churches around the country that have numerous unused classrooms and other meeting spaces. What if you were to renovate some of these spaces to attract youth into your facility during the week, where you can model and share Christ with them?

Perhaps building a youth center seems out of your reach financially. Most church layouts are not ideal for teen centers, but with some hard work and creative thinking, we’ll make it work for you. We’ll help you revamp your building from a security, functionality, and aesthetic perspective.

Company Value

Engineering in Reverse

Rock Solid’s primary focus has been on engineering a building that can be converted into a neutral facility for other groups to use, which begs the question, “If you can design a teen center that doesn’t look like a teen center when not in use, why can’t you take a facility that looks like a church and convert it into a teen center with simple lighting, equipment, and minor renovations?”

Many churches have declined to a point that they have unused space that can be designated for a teen center. It may take some adjusting to having unchurched kids in your building, but we have learned through experience that facility design and security can play a key role in controlling behavior. We’d love to share what we have learned with you.

A New Perspective

Rethinking Church Buildings

Many have stood in awe of the magnificent cathedrals built many generations ago. They were and are an expression of the glory we bestow upon God. But it’s important to realize that the church is not a building. The church is the people, and in light of the rapid church decline, we need to focus on how we can use our church buildings to reach the unchurched. 


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