Fun Stuff


It has to be FUN!

In order to have a life changing impact on young people it needs to be a fun place to go.

Our Values

Make it Fun

It has to be fun if you expect them to come. The more variety the better.

Build Relationships

It's all about relationships. You first need to earn their friendship and trust.

Positive Impact

Through providing an example and sharing your wisdom you can make a positive impact.

Fun Stuff

Video Games

Video games are played on a large screen TV’s with multiple controllers, so it becomes a group activity. All games are rated “Teen” and or better. We have age specific games for the elementary kids to play.


Connect your smartphone to our karaoke machine, click on your favorite YouTube karaoke song and sing like a star. Sound effects will make your voice sound even better. The flashing LED lights will only add to your star appeal.

Hanging Out

Sometimes kids just like to kick back and spend some time talking with friends. Along with structured activities, Rock Solid allows for free time to kick back, relax and have some fun.

More Fun Stuff

Board Games

We have a wide variety of board games from which to choose. Board games provide a great opportunity to have fun while getting to know each other.


Our Sports Activity room is a place where you can play organized sports, unorganize activities and, sometimes, go a little crazy. If you have some energy to burn, that’s the place to be.

Organized Activities

Organized activities can be anything from group karaoke, making crafts, cooking in the kitchen, a hands on presentation, or you name it. The possibilities are endless.