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Consider starting a Rock Solid Teen Center in your community to meet the needs of young people or as a means to share your faith with the unchurched. A large majority of children and teens do not attend church, but they’ll come to Rock Solid. There you can develop relationships, meet their needs, share your faith and grow your church.

Working along-side a Rock Solid Teen Center consultant is affordable. In addition to low consulting fees, participating with our Amazon Affiliate Rock Solid Store to purchase your supplies will reduce your costs even more. We’ll walk you through the necessary steps to get your facility and programming up and running.

Our Rock Solid logo identifies you as an affiliate member. But you can use your name, and you are given significant leeway in developing programming that meets your specific needs and utilizes the strengths of your staff and volunteers. Our goal is to be an affiliation that works together, supporting one another, for a common cause.

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What's a Rock Solid Teen Center?

Rock Solid Teen Centers utilize new and renovated facilities for life-changing programs and experiences. We attract children and teens to the center by offering food, fun activities and a safe and secure place to hang out. We build relationships with them through mentoring. We guide them toward other programs, churches and organizations in the community, statewide, nationally and internationally that will be of benefit to them.

We encourage organizations to participate in Rock Solid by offering volunteers, camps scholarships, and programming opportunities. Tutoring is an important component of our program wherever feasible. The faith-based teen center is a concept that can be duplicated in other communities, rural, small towns, and otherwise.

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Opportunities for Growth

Churches are encouraged to consider starting a Rock Solid affiliate as a means to reach out to youth. Studies have indicated that many young people have a negative perception of the church and are not likely to attend programming in a church facility. But kids will come to Rock Solid for the fun. There you can build relationships, meet their needs, share your faith and invite them to youth group, camps and other Christian activities. A perfect model is where the youth paster serves as the Director and members and folks from the community and church serve as volunteers.


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