Major Sponsors

Thank you!

To all who have supported Rock Solid to make this ministry possible, we say two simple words, “Thank you!” Your generousity has made it possible to touch literally hundreds of lives. Now, in addition to running a program in North Manchester, we are sharing our knowledge and experience, so that other small to medium size communities can build their own youth center that can meet their needs at a cost they can afford.

Our Sponsors


Blue Diamond


Mark Eastway



Pink Diamond


Vahala Foam Inc.







Zion Lutheran Church
North Manchester United Methodist Church
Bret & Rebecca Stahly
The Firehouse Committee
The Town of North Manchester
Victory Christian Fellowship
The Community Foundation of Wabash County
Greg Kephart
Jim Yanik
Manchester University

Red Beryl


Black Opal


All Saints Episcopal Church
Thomas E Matheny
Jeff Hawkins
Jane Hith
All Saints Episcopal Church
Thomas E Matheny
South Pleasant United Methodist Church
Maurine Reed

Kimberly Strause

Olive Branch Church



Walter Penrod
Nikki Wattring
NM United Methodist Church Unity Class
Ijamsville United Methodist Church
Lois Lemna
Laketon Lions Club
Moose Lodge 1518
Peabody Retirement Community
Lisa Eastway
JP Freeman

Peggy Lewis

Aaron South

With you we can make a difference.