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There must be a way to construct interiors using simple modular components. The good news is that there is, and the savings in time, building cost, and energy savings are impressive.

My engineering background and entrepreneurial spirit drive me to continuously seek out more cost-efficient ways to build youth centers. As per previous articles, steel construction can result in significant cost savings when it comes to the building’s exterior but using traditional construction methods for the interior of the building can be quite expensive. In the age of advanced technology, stick-built (2” x 4” boards, etc.) building methods seem increasingly primitive. There must be a way to construct interiors using simple modular components. The good news is that there is, and the savings in time, building cost, and energy savings are impressive.

Introducing InsuLiving by Bondor. Using their InsuWall wall panels and their SolorSpan ceiling and roof panels, construction time can be decreased by 34%, cooling efficiency increased by 50%, and construction cost savings by 50%.




Their model house is built on a cement slab, with integrated plumbing. Wiring is run across the top of the panels and down through the joints.

The construction process is reduced from eight steps to four:

The most dramatic benefits of the InsulLiving® system are achieved by the builder. With this system, the entire house shell is erected without any framing, brickwork, or plasterboard. The panels do the work of all these components. The finished house will look as good as any other traditionally built home in the street but it is constructed in a fraction of the time and with significantly less material.

The InsulLiving® Builder benefits include:

  • Quicker build time – reaches the ‘lock up’ stage faster than traditional build methods.
  • Quicker build times lead to improved cash flow and the ability to meet housing demands more quickly.
  • The InsulLiving® system comprises a very limited number of components with the panel acting as a structural member, insulation, and internal and external cladding.
  • Fewer trades to be coordinated, means a simplified building process.
  • Less building materials compared to the traditional approach.
  • The opportunity to differentiate and build a home that meets Australia’s future housing needs.
  • Snap-together design makes training laborers a breeze.
  • InsulLiving® lightweight flatpacks offer better access to difficult sites and improved delivery times to regional areas.

The benefits to the homeowner include:

  • Freedom and flexibility in designing their home.
  • Quicker build time in comparison to traditional builds means earlier occupancy.
  • Thermal efficiency results in significant ongoing energy savings.
  • The acoustic benefits of the insulated panels dampen outside noise and further enhance their experience.
  • Peace of mind that the life of their long-term investment will not be shortened due to structural damage caused by termite infestation.
  • Ease of maintenance and the simplicity of future additions (due to the modularity of the system), help in preserving the overall aesthetics and integrity of the home for years.
  • High ceilings provided by the SolarSpan® insulated roofing system result in a greater sense of open space.
  • More liveable homes with better resale value.

Finally, a means of construction that does not conflict with my desire for simplicity and efficiency! The downside is that InsulLiving by Bondor is based in Australia, but here are some suppliers/builders located in the United States:

Wishing you much savings in time, construction and energy costs!

Mark Eastway

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