Youth Center Design & Architecture

A masterful design, functionality are affordability joined together in this 7 room, 5,000 plus square foot facility. From here we integrate changes that meet your specific needs.

Consider starting Center in your community to meet the needs of young people in your community.

Rock Solid Teen Centers utilize new and renovated facilities for life-changing programs and experiences.

Churches are encouraged to consider starting a Rock Solid affiliate as a means to reach out to youth.

Rock Solid now has it’s own Amazon affiliate store,designed for folks interested in starting a youth center.

Our Model Facility


A permanent facility with designated space

Setup and takedown is minimized. Quality equipment that does not need to be mobile can be purchased. Disturbing other groups is not a concern.

Designed with security in mind

The layout is laid out to be easily monitered by cameras and responsible adults. There is one primary entrance, with security features such as alarms placed on secondary doors.

Quality and affordable designs

Rock Solid utilizes strategies and techniques to build an affordable quality new facility or renovate an existing facility that is size appropriate for small to mid-size towns and communities.

Comprehensive and

Our design encompasses all of the desired elements of a youth center, including a check in area, a sports activity room, lounge area, a kitchen or Café with a dining area, an administrative office and restrooms.

A flexible design

We start with an affordable basic design and allow you to add extras, as you so choose, from exterior brick accents to special flooring and materials.

A design that is flexible

A key component of our financial strategy is to rent the facility to outside groups. Through lighing and other appraoches we can change to appearance and atmosphere in the building from fun to formal.