We Value YOu

Rock Solid Volunteers

The importance of volunteers cannot be overstated. Without people, you only have a building. Each volunteer is like a musician in a band. When a musical instrument is missing, it’s obvious. When all are in place, it makes for beautiful music.

Volunteer with Rock Solid



Adults who are interested in building a caring relationship with teens and making a positive difference in their lives. You will meet with youth each week during Rock Solid. You’re encouraged to spend time together, including involvement in activities and eating together.


Many kids need help with their schoolwork.  If you are an adult who is competent in an academic field of study and are willing to spend at least one hour a week, one-on-one, tutoring a teenager, you can help make a big impact on their academic future.


You’re basically in charge of preparing and serving food for Rock Solid Café on a particular day. You will also supervise students who sign-up to help in the kitchen. Youth who work at least fifteen minutes can earn a free candy or pop.


If you have something unique to offer, we might just be able to use your talent to engage students. It could also be an activity in the sports activity room, organizing a board game, cooking class, science experiment. The possibilities are endless.


Every evening we would like to spend at least ten minutes in a group event, which may include singing, a brief video, drama or a short message that addresses character building issues. If you have a talent, we’d love for you to share it.


A very important task is to take photos to capture moments when youth are enjoying themselves, volunteering, participating in a service project or being tutored. The challenge is to make certain that everyone in the photo is registered and has the approval of their parents/guardians to have their photo taken.


One of the most challenging tasks is to get students checked in and registered. The online registration form provides much needed information, including emergency contact info, media release approval, agreement to follow the rules, transportation release and tutorial needs.


Since relocating our home base from Syracuse to North Manchester, we lost some of our key leadership but have rebuilt our team. If you have experience and leadership skills, we would like to talk with you about being a key part of our leadership team.


If you believe in students but enjoy working behind the scenes the setup and takedown crew may be for you. Setup starts around 3:15 p.m. and takedown around 6:30 p.m. You will also encouraged to ask youth do their part in helping clean up after themselves.